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The Addison is a simple, elegant table that contains sweeping lines all around it in a Natural Teak or Mahogany finished look. It has wide scalloped top rails and blinds and is available in a 7ft, 8ft and 9ft size table. The leg option that is available for this table is the Ram's Head.

The Ashbury is a uniquely styled solid German Birch 8ft table that has a conversion dining top table option that is available to add another function to this tables purpose. It features diamond sightings on the rails and is only available in an Espresso finish.

The Archer table is made of a strong Aspen wood and comes only in an Espresso finish. It is available in both the 7ft and 8ft feature and comes with the Archer legs. The special feature that is an available option with this table is the Dining Top table for an extra step to bringing the family closer together.

The Black Diamond has a black contemporary laminate table that includes the chrome corner caps and trim all around. It is a burn and scratch resistant laminated table that will keep it looking fresh and new for years to come. It is available in 7ft and 8ft.

The Brittany is a solid wood tabled that has a tapered leg option that includes your choice of either the Fleur De Lis or Star on each leg providing an elegant yet unique look to your game room. It is available in either Espresso or Cinammon finish but is available in a 7ft or 8ft feature.

The Cape Town is a Eucalyptus crafted table that is available in a Dark Mahogany, Chestnut or Mocha finish. Its ball and claw leg option provides its elegant look and is available in a 7ft, 8ft or 9ft option. 

The Charleston is a solid wood table with an African Walnut Veneer on the cabinet and blind rails. It contains Solid Teak top rails and legs and is available in a 7ft and 8ft. Legs choices vary from Ball and claw, Ram's Head and Queen Anne. The Antique Brown finish gives its last elegant look to its finalized given beauty.

The Hartford is an African Mahogany table that is only available in a Mocha finish. And is also only available in a 8ft. It does however include a stylish table feature with a fully functional drawer that will hold all your billiard accessories. You can also match a Pullman Shuffleboard to maximize your best gaming experience in your home.

The Kariba table has its own unique Oak Charcoal finish and is available only in a 8ft size table. This table is a first of its kind and provides the rustic grayish look that every modern house is looking to provide their room with.  

The Kruger is a beautiful, solid Tropical Conifer table that comes in a very unique Dark Chocolate finish and is available in a 7ft and 8ft size for your best game room experience. It also has the option of either the Ball and Claw legs or a Tapered leg.

The Legend is a name of its own. Its legendary unique designs in the African Mahogany Wood provides an elegant look with the contrasting low lights on the legs and blinds all around the table. It is only available in a Mocha finish and comes in 8ft alone. 

The Liberty is available in two finishes: the Antiqued Natural and Dutch Brown Finish. It comes with the Liberty leg feature and is only available in a 8ft size table.

The Monterey is a beautifully crafted Tropical Conifer table that comes only in an Ebony finish but is available in either 7ft or 8ft. Create a modern yet unique look in your room to provide an industrial look while having the best gaming experience possible.

The Celebrity is available in a 7ft, 8ft or 9ft feature with its unique Tusk or Square Turned shaped legs and its African Mahogany made wood. It is only available in an Espresso finish.

The Tiffany is a beautiful African Mahogany wood made table that comes with Square Turned legs. Its availability in a 7ft and 8ft is endless, but its Chestnut finish is the only color provided for its finish options. 

The Vegas has its own unique contemporary style with its brushed aluminum accents. It contains a wide top rail with the diamond sights. It is available in a 8ft option with a pedestal leg option. 

The Shangani is a Solid Wood table with a wide top rail, available in a two tone Espresso/ Latte finish with Ball and Claw legs. It is available in a 7ft and 8ft feature depending on how big your gameroom is. 

The Wilson is a beautiful vintage French style table that is handcrafted from pine. The Baluster legs are hand turned with an elegant distressed finish to it. It is available in a Reclaimed Wood Finish and is only available in an 8ft size table.  

The Stellenbosch is a Solid Teak in a Natural Teak with a beautiful detailed blind and carving legs with a Ball and Claw leg option. It is available in a 8ft size table that can have you experiencing the best play time in your game room.  

The Albany is a beautifully hand crafted African Mahogany table that comes in a Rustic Champagne finish and is only available in a 8ft length.

The Carmel is a exquisite Oak table with a salvaged natural finish. It stands out with its bold shape and unique coloring. This table will beautifully compliment any home and is available in a 7 or 8 foot option. Additional options for the table is a dining top table and a bench for either side. 

The King of Africa is an elaborate hand carving on this Teak and Bubinga, exotic wood table and adorned with bronze medallions of the "Big Fice" game animals. It contains Bronze Lion's Head Sights and is available in an 8 and 9 foot option.