Recover- Time for new cloth? We offer Championship, Simonis & Brunswick Centennial cloth to choose from in a wide variety of color choices. All recovering is done on site in your home or place of business. Recovering also includes a re-leveling of the slate and re-floating of the joints.

*If you are in need of our services and looking for quality at a competitive price give us a call at 337-984-1625*

Re-Cushioning- As your table ages your rail rubbers may become hard and brittle which effects the play of the game. We offer both on site and in store replacement of your rail rubbers.

Dismantle- We will disassemble your table and crate slates upon request.

Storage-  We offer short term storage of your pool table in a climate controlled warehouse for a daily, weekly or monthly fee.

Re-level Slate Seams- For the absolute best game play your table must be level at all times. If you are in need of re-leveling, Indoor Recreation Company will re-level your slates and make adjustments accordingly.

Assemble New & Used Tables- We can assemble any table new or used.

Moving-  We offer house to house moves as well as room to room moves. Indoor Recreation Company treats every pool table as if it were our own.